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Cuba Vacation Packages are your one-stop purchase plan for an incredible Cuban vacation!
Beaches are sometimes crowded in Cuba, but sometimes you can get lucky and score a good spot on a lesser visited one (such as Cayo Jutias). Other beaches worthy of noting is the Playa Pilar Beach (glorious white/diamond sparkling sands), Cayo Granma (cute spot to toss a towel down), the Playa los Cocos (yellowish-white sand and green/blue waters), Varadero Beach (paradise in full bloom), and the Playita de Cajobabo (above the beach is cliffs and is a great spot for some snorkeling).
If you want to be off on some adventures, the safest way is to split your time between some guided tours (land excursions) and some ‘on-your-own’ time (water sports and self-driven boating crafts). The Vinales Valley is breath taking and can easily be hiked or seen via horseback.
Cuban culture can be described as robust...full of beautifully preserved history, the smell of papaya fruit and cigars everywhere and the explosions of music, laughter and all back dropped by fantastically eye-appealing landscapes. Cuba Vacation Packages are full of opportunities to tap the intricate blend of the old with the new, with visits to colonial structures, hear music with splashes of African drums accompanied by Spanish guitars.
Spanish is the language most widely used in Cuba and as far as safety and crime is concerned, the crime rate is minimal here, and the local people show a love of their children/families as well as visitor’s families. Women travelling alone can expect to feel very safe as Cuban men and women alike both treat women with respect and welcoming attitudes.
Prior to the 14th Century, Cuba was actually inhabited by Amerindian tribes and the Taino culture (also known as Arawak). Cuba is the largest island in all of the Caribbean and it shows when it comes to the style of music heard here. You will hear mambo, salsa, rumba and the most popular called Son.
Cuban Vacations are in-depth when it comes to FUN! You can jump into a mini submarine to explore the underworld of the sea and all of the exotic marine life that calls the Caribbean home. Taking a cruise is always a fun way to see the island and the cays (always be on the lookout for a secluded beach!). Renting bikes or taking walking/hiking tours is a great way to get around to trails that will take you through wildlife and nature areas.
Vacation Packages in Cuba will also touch on your palette, literally. Your tummy is going to be pleased with the culinary delights of Cuba, as they are rich with Caribbean and Spanish infusions.
Some commonly used food items include rice and beans (called Moros), plantains, shredded beef (called Ropa Vieja), Cuban breads, onions with pork and of course, lots and lots of fruits. Beverages range between rums mixed with fruit juices, nicely blended tropically fruity drinks like the Pina Colada and cocktails.
Vacations in Cuba must include nightlife fun...which can easily be had if you visit some of the local bars and nightclubs. The Iris Jazz Club, the Uneac, the Cafe Cantante and the Bar Sindo Garay are all very lively and exciting with the welcomes of friendly locals and music that you just cannot sit still to. For an all-encompassing evening, you can visit Parque 26 de Julio (every weekend it starts with the market/food stalls/crafts and live music.
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